Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

What a wonderful time we had a knit group today. Megan's husband returned for another visit before heading back to Australia. Not to be outdone by our Poetic Pat who recited one of her poems for him on his last visit, he brought some Australian poetry to read to us. So while the needles clicked
in the upstairs room, in a small-town, Ontario library, Megan's Australian husband
read Australian poetry to us. It was magical.

And Poetic Pat, not to be outdone, recited yet another of her poems.
It was a long and very funny poem about spring cleaning. Windows so clean, hubby walks into them. Floors so clean, hubby slips and falls on them. She's quite a girl, our Pat.

On the knitting front, Pat finished another stuffed animal. Some child will have fun with this Octopus.

It was good to see Nell back.
She's had some foot trouble this winter and her doctor prescribed sitting. Great prescription for a knitter, Nell.

Marlene is learning to knit.
I recognize the "I'll learn this if it kills me" position of the needles.

Sandy knit this darling baby sleeper with sock yarn
but isn't sure what to do with the crotch gusset.

On to Survivor. Tyson GONE!!! Now we are left with just one annoying arrogant player. It will be interesting to see Coach's reaction tonight. I imagine anger is too mild a word.

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Sandra said...

is it my imagination, or are you a week behind on Survivor? Tyson was gone LAST week...
Whatever, I love seeing what your knit group produces - such a range of intems!