Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

A man in our midst.
Megan brought her husband along today- just to prove she really does have one. Until last Tuesday, Rick and Megan had not seen each other for five months as Rick is stuck still in Australia settling things there before coming to Canada. Last week Megan didn't show up for knit group. Hmmmmm.

Megan is wearing her lovely Bamboo vest. She found the pattern here on Elann. It looks so much better on Megan than the model. Three cheers for that negative ease, Megan.

Poetic Pat - in the blue sweater - stood to recite her Lady Godiva poem for Rick.
A good looking man audience sure does bring out the 'ham' in Pat.

Then it was down to knitting. Sandy B is working on a baby outfit made with sock yarn. Isn't that charming?

When we finally got Poetic Pat to concentrate on her knitting she showed us the pattern
for the sweater she just started.

And Ingrid has found her next project.
Bet she makes it with Koigu!

On to Survivor. Coach is fast losing ground for the title of most-annoying player. Tyson has passed him for sure. I have a few opinions as to why Tyson acts as he does. But whatever the reason, he's my choice for next to go. Let's see if it happens tonight.

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