Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursadays Are For Knit Group

Thursdays are for knit group and look what the knitters are doing today.

Ingrid is working on another creative sweater. Knit side to side. It is the body she is holding. The knitting in her lap will be the sleeves. Throughout the sweater she held the yarn double. In the body two strands of the same yarn. In the sleeves, she changes it up - that's our creative Ingrid.
Look at her seam. Sewn on the sewing machine, with just a straight stitch. Nice.

This is the beginning of her sleeve. It will be very wide she said and dramatic. The only drama in the sweater, she claims. I doubt it. The front closes asymetrically. Knit side to side. Yarns held double. There's a lot going on there, Ingrid.

Doreen has finished her vest. She claims it gave her lots of trouble. Mostly, I think because she ran out of yarn and had to hunt for more. I could be wrong, but I think the vest is a first for Doreen. The first 'garment' she has knit. Mostly she knits hats, scarves and mitts.
What did I wear to knit group today? Need you ask. The TD PF R SS KAL. Done. Look at all those buttons. Fits nicely and looks good. I'm happy.


Vera said...

This sweater looks really good. I like the neckline in particular

NP said...

Nice job Brenda! I think this will be a well loved sweater and totally worth ripping the other one out.