Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Is It Knitting Or Is It Art?

Today, I introduce you to my Dad, Jack. He would describe himself as 87 & 11/12th years old. Dad, as faithful readers know, is a lover of all things jazz.

When I came across this sweater pattern a few years ago, I thought it was something Dad would enjoy wearing.

Dad was enthusiastic from the moment he first saw the pattern. Knowing that he seldom wears pullovers I offered to make it as a vest, putting the intarsia work on the back.

I asked "What colour would you like, Dad?"

"It's going to be a striking vest. Might as well be really striking. How about red?" he said.

Red it was/is. Made with Peer Gynt wool. I can't say that it was an easy knit. I can't say that it was a quick knit. I can say that by the time it was finished, I vowed never to do another.

But when saw it on him, again, last Saturday I was struck by the beauty of it. Amazed to think that my hands had created it, I said to myself "That's why knitters knit."

It's art. It's beautiful. It's striking. It's awsome. I can't believe I did it.

Maybe I should do another one.

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Anonymous said...

That's absolutely gorgeous! Very special.