Friday, March 7, 2008

What Do Conrad Black and I Have In Common?

What Do Conrad Black And I Have In Common?
Like Conrad Black- I lost my title. Yesterday's blog posting was title-less. I lost mine to cyber space (or maybe a spaced-out state of mind) and Conrad lost his to - what was that again? Oh yea. Greed and avarice.

And what do you think this is? Beyond Brenda's messy kitchen, I mean. This is
"The Grandkids Are Coming... The Grandkids Are Coming".
And Grandma is making cookies. Ginger Sparklers. A known favourite.

As well as Charlie and the Grandkids, friends from London are coming too. I think it will be the first time that those from the south, travelling north are likely to have worse weather than those from the north travelling south. Either way, I am always anxious until they walk - well, actually, hop, skip, jump, run, holler, dance etc - through the door.

So if I don't post too much next week, it is because I will be busy doing this.

This was taken at Christmas time. That's me with my mouth open. You see the 3 beauteous grandkids - Sarah and Abi beside me. Toothless James in front. And their two London friends.

Or this.

This was taken last year, during March Break. Fred, Peter, James and Abi.
Happy March Break,

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