Thursday, March 6, 2008

There you have it. Front and Back of the Leftovers Vest. See all those ends? That is my next job. I got some of them done at knit group this afternoon. Then I came home and read Patti-Ann's comment from yesterday. I had forgotten all about Patrick's (see him at villageyarns) little tip for weaving in ends, as you go, on the machine. Dang. I've got my work cut out for me.

And this is what Fred faced yesterday in yet another winter storm. I can't remember a winter when the most frequently used phrase on the radio has been 'winter storm warning'.
This winter, some of our ski friends could not get here because of the weather and some could not get home for the same reason. A few weeks ago, my friend Tina and her family arrived on a Friday for a ski weekend. Sunday morning at 8 am, they left for home. At 3:30 pm they were back, having gone about 25 K.

One of the town's snow plow operators was quoted in the local paper, saying that in his 40 years of snow plowing, there has never been a year when every road in the county was closed. Until this year, when that happened twice.

But it is drawing to a close soon. I always get wistful when winter ends. No more skiing. No more brisk sunny days. Only that oppressive heat and humidity to look forward to. And who wears hand knit sweaters in the summer? That's the worse part.

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Soxophone Player said...

I'm not familiar with flatbed knitting, but on circular knitting machine I knit the ends in as I go: old colour - I cut it an leave a tail long enough to fold back and lay in the 6 or so needles that will knit next. Then I advance the yarn carrier about three stitches - enough to get the tail partly knit in. This leaves a 'loop' remaining of the old yarn.

I feed the new yarn through the loop of the old yarn, and lay the tail of the new yarn forward under about 6 needles. I hold that new tail carefully in place while I advance the yarn carrier to knit the new yarn +its tail in place.

A very crisp colour change with no overlap.