Friday, March 28, 2008

A Wasted Day

Today, as a treat for our trip to BC, I got my nails done.
Hands - French no less!

and feet.

How can that be time wasted, you ask. Because it took 3 hours! I thought time was dragging, but without my watch and with no clock in sight, I couldn't be sure. It was only when I got back in the car I knew I had been gone 3 hours! A manicure or pedicure should be a relaxing experience, but that's beyond relaxing. That's comatose.

Back at home, I decided to print some photos from the computer to show friends in BC. I had never before printed my own photos, but why not? I have a good camera. I have a decent computer. I have a brand new printer and I had purchased photo paper. How hard can it be, right? Well, there went another 3 hours. Something to do with me having too many photo programs on my computer. And when I finally mastered it, I decided the results weren't worth the effort.

Better to order online from Wal Mart. In my frustrated, wasted-day state, I thought that would be easier. I had never done that before either, but why not? How hard can it be, right? Ha! I won't even tell you how much time that took. But by the time I was finished, the dinner hour was here and my frustration level was Everest-high.

But the fun/good news is, I decided on my trip knitting.
It's an out-of-print Naturally pattern of the era of 'lots of ease'. Which mine won't have. I love the monochromatic colour scheme - 3 shades of cream. The called-for yarn is Cotton Connection - long gone, of course, But at Purrsonally Yours in Meaford, I got some lovely Organic Cotton - Egoknit, from Peru. I can't wait to start.

In the mean time, Tam #3 is waiting patiently to be finished. Hope I'm not too frustrated/spaced out/tired/bug-eyed to knit.

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Anonymous said...

Brenda have a great time, and glad you packed lots of yarn..your fingers and toes look ..also glad you love the Noro yarn, my scarf is slowly progressing..Sharon