Thursday, March 20, 2008

The First Day Of Spring

Today, the local meteorologist said
"There is a difference between the first day of spring and the first spring-like day." Ha Ha. Isn't he cute?
Well, some of you, I know, look to the calendar to know when it is spring. Some of you look to the weather. But me? This is how I tell if spring is near.

The larder is more empty than full.

And empty too are my knitting needles. The Leftovers Vest is done Here it is on the 'block'.

Soon to be on me. Luckily our first 'spring-like' day isn't here yet. I get to wear my new wool vest. The 'deets' of this vest are probably not of much help to other knitters. But here are a few. Pattern - My own. Body, knit on the machine at 6.5 on the stitch dial. The ribbing, knit by hand with 4.5 mm needles. The yarn was a variety from my stash. Mostly KW weight, but the gold is a bit finer. The olive green is Paton Classic Wool. Not a yarn I particularly like. It pills w - a- a-a- y too much. But in these small quantities, it should be OK. The orange/rust and purple are from Manitoulin. Wooly Harvest Yarns. Not sure if they are still in business.

So what's next? Well, it could be Mike's Hat.
Friend Mike received this lovely scarf as a Christmas gift and has requested a hat to match. That's a 4 x 2 rib in the scarf, so the hat will be the same. Do you like the yarn Mike?

Or maybe, Mike can wait. This is for me.

A great combo for Tam # 3 from Winter 2007 issue. These yarns were purchased last week with Grandaughter Abi's help at Pursonally Yours Wool Shop in Meaford. Isabel has great stock for a small store.

Or maybe this. Loden Mist from Knitters Spring 2007 issue

I've had the yarn for this since the KW Knitters Fair last September.

But this is also calling.
The Diagonal Rib Cardigan from Reynolds. Made with Alaphoss Lopi. Which I don't have. So that would mean a shopping trip. Gosh!
Ah. Choices, Choices.


Anonymous said...

This site is cool, and yes I can wait for the hat if other projects take priority. I too noticed that it was first day of spring and the kids asked if they had to wear their coats to school. The temperature today is supposed to be -10 by end of, I guess it is not quite Spring.

I refuse to admit Spring is almost here as I am leaving for Chapleau tomorrow for some end of season snowmobiling!!

Any Happy Birthday to Kim from your friends in London!! Can you hear me singing?

Anonymous said...

Great blog!
Funny, this weekend I noticed my larder was getting pretty empy too! I was even trying to calculate how much it would cost to make some more raspberry jam from frozen raspberries! The "hundred mile market" was out of it's raspberry jam as well.Must plan better next raspberry season.

I love reading your writing,and look forward to more.