Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sleeves Complete

There was miserable weather, a long list of errands to run, plus book club in the evening, but  the cuff of sleeve number two of Not Just A Red Neck is finished.  As  do-able in a day as I thought.

Here are both sleeves, finished except for the weaving-in of ends.

The sharp eyed amongst you will notice that one  cuff is narrower than the   other.    After finishing cuff number one, it seemed a bit wide.  For cuff #2, I decided to decrease a few extra stitches in the last row before knitting the multi-coloured cuff.  Of course, this would require re-knitting one of those cuffs once I chose the favoured one.   And so it is.

Cuff #2, the narrower cuff,  is the one I like best.  Come April, when I intend to  finish this sweater, I'll rip out the wider cuff and re do it to match the preferred one.

Good thing targets are adjustable.  NJAR is not finished but close enough that I feel good about a quick finish when we return from our winter in the South.  With that closing statement the computer  is getting unplugged and packed away.  I'll return once I figure out the Wifi in our Florida accommodation.

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