Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Home from Hawaii for two days now and almost accustomed to the 6 hour time change.  Accustomed enough, at least,  to arrive at knit group on time.

It was good to see everyone and to get caught up on all the knitting.

Jean has two very colourful leg warmers on the go.

Both on the same circular needle, they are knit with Kroy sock yarn.  They should be as warm as they are cheerful.

Sharon and Jean have both knit little sheep from hand spun yarn.  Ready for their Guild sale next November, they are just the cutest.

To be fully finished, they both need faces.  Tiny, tiny faces, as you can see by the  hand comparison.

Wilma is working on something that obviously requires many, many markers.  It's a vest she said.  And the markers are a lazy knitter's device for row counting.  Her words.

Here she has laid out the back with its glorious cable and the front, markers in tact, beside it.

Doreen has one slipper finished for a friend.  Too large, she says,  so a bit of re-knitting is required.  You might think she is very happy with the results.  But I made her pose 3 time to get the smile.

Lorrie's sock interested me.  The pattern is lovely and it looks so warm and cozy.

I have noticed that when reviewing today's knit group events,  words like  war and  cozy cropped up.  As does the knitting of winter,  wardrobe pieces - slippers, leg warmers, vests.  My brain is still in Hawaii

and after three weeks down there, I am in the mood for summer things.  The knitters told me though that they experienced extreme cold and strong winds while I was away.  Guess warm and cozy is here for awhile yet.

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Sel and Poivre said...

I'm in utter shock 3 weeks have passed since you bid us "Aloha" for a while! Time must really fly when the clocks spring forward! Welcome home!