Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Yesterday was a very busy day. I am the secretary of our local Legion and yesterday was monthly newsletter day. That means typing up minutes from the previous night's meeting, creating a colourful, clip-art filled front page announcing the social events, taking the copy to the printers, labelling and stamping 85 envelopes, retrieving the newsletters from the printers, folding, stuffing and sealing the envelopes, then rushing them down to the post office - hopefully before the 4:30 box-emptying time, and finally putting the file into PDF format and sending out the online version to our computer-savvy members.

On top of that, it was Book Club meeting and I had yet to write my book review. There was also the laundry and my intentions to tackle some spring housecleaning.

In the midst of all that, Nicki called, in answer to my email query wondering if she happened to have my copy of Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitters Almanac. She doesn't have it. I casually mentioned to Nicki that I would buy a new copy Wednesday at work, then went back to newsletter writing.

Later, Nicki called a second time to ask if I would like to go out for tea. I hesitated, mentioning to Nicki the newsletter and my book review. But I heard my Mother's voice in my ear, saying as she always used to do " Never turn down an invitation. You might not get a second one."

With that, I agreed to meet Nicki at 2:30. When we took our tea to the table, she laid down the a copy of Knitters Almanac. "You found it!" I cried.

"No, I went to the store and bought this one for you."

You should know that from Nicki's house to the store is roughly a 60K round trip.
She said it was worth the drive and distraction from her plans for the day just to see the look on my face.

Thank you, Nicki.


LaurieM said...

How sweet! What a great friend.

Now if you can just find your copy, you'll have a gift to give her in return.

Anonymous said...

Very neat! Niki's kindness must have carried you through the rest of your hectic day! And what a good philosophy your mom had.

Gina C.