Monday, August 24, 2015

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Well, what happened to Thursday?  I did go to knit group, and I did take pictures.  But as soon as I arrived home last Thursday, Fred and I left for Toronto.  His surgery was scheduled for early Friday  morning. We either had to drive down Thursday evening or get up at the crack of too early and hope commuter traffic wouldn't make us late.   We drove down Thursday.

His arteries scrubbed clean, his brain is, once again, on full blood flow  and we are now back home.  With time to do blog posts.

Sandy B started me off on Thursday by modelling her gorgeous blue shawl.
 Beautiful.  I may have mentioned this previously but I think Sandy must have a shawl in every colour under the rainbow.  This one is stunning worn over white.

Carol finished the asymmetrical sleeveless top she knit for her daughter. 
Unblocked here, it is a bit difficult to see the asymmetrical part.  But the neckline swings to one side, as does the  bottom.  I love it. 

Sharon R, our   - learn-a-new-technique-with-each-project   -  knitter, has both the front and back of her summer tee finished. 
There is lots of sewing-up to do on this one - sides, sleeves.  Next project perhaps she should learn seamless knitting.

Sandy B has started a lap-ghan.
 In Florida colours for her Florida living room, in her favourite technique - Mitered Squares.    She says there will be several different sized squares in this piece and that she is designing on the go.  Yes, that is my Serendipity  Vest you see in the background.  The jury is still out on its success.

Sharon did tell me what this project is that she has on her needles but I can't remember.
I do recall that she said she grabbed it as she rushed out the door to come to knit group. Her focus lately has been on weaving.  Getting saleable items ready for her club's big November sale. 

Thursday's post  will happen on Thursday this week.  God willin' and the creek don't rise.



Anonymous said...

I am definitely not a shawl person, but that pretty blue over the white almost has made me a convert!
Love the lace bottom in the summer tee that Carol did.
The gals are really productive. Miss Doreen.

Anonymous said...

ps. so glad to hear that Hubby is on the mend again.t_a