Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Slowly, I am getting back into an 'at home' routine.  Unusual for me,  as my 'home-from-the-trailer' date normally doesn't occur until late August.

The one good thing about my 'at-home-routine' is knit group. While many knitters are travelling still, the at-home knitters have lots on their needles.

Carol showed me her beautiful new shawl.
The colour is gorgeous,  as is  the lace work.  Perfect for  Florida,  Carol says.  Perfect anywhere, I'd say, Carol.

Jean, today,  arrived wearing a great summer tee.  Lace work in the 'vee' neck area of both front and back.

Knit so long ago,  she  remembers neither the pattern nor yarn name. Dang!  But it is similar to this one by Tincanknits. 

Carol, this week, is working  on a lovely, asymmetrical 'tee'.  
Using the yarn called for, Berroco Linus, in a pale shade of duty rose, she is almost at the armhole.  Finished soon, I imagine.

Sandy B, our shawl queen, has another beauty on her needles.

I admire your tenacity, Sandy.  Acres and acres of fine yarn and lace patterns  are so not me.
But Sandy loves that type of knitting. She certainly must  have, by now,  a shawl in every colour under the rainbow, if not for every day of the year.

It might not be the trailer by the lake but knit group makes it great to be home.   

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Anonymous said...

some very pretty projects showing some lovely stitch patterns. I enjoy seeing what the ladies make.