Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

World Wide Knit In Public Day Meaford style.  Once again we stopped street strollers with our knitting. 

Outside the library today, with knitters, goodies and cold drinks, we had a great time showing off our knitting.

There were those who liked the sun

And those

who liked the shade.

Meghan was out. 
We don't see her often as she has been attending Georgian College this past year studying to be a nurse.  She finishes late August and hopefully, will be gainfully employed soon after.  Well done, Meghan.

Sandy finished the shawl she started just after her April cruise. 

Gorgeous doesn't begin to describe it.

She wanted to see it modelled over a white tee, so lucky me, I got to try it on.

Joanne, another knitter we don't see often anymore, now that she spends winters with her son a bit East of us, thought it should be worn as a scarf.
Looks good like that too, Sandy.

I love these colours that Carol is knitting.
Red trim at the bottom, with the upper portion containing  greens, golds and reds.  Carol is knitting this as a cardigan for herself.   It will be a great, Carol.

On a sad note, we have lost another knitter.  Nell passed away this week.  The Mission will miss your knits, Nell and we will miss you.

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