Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

It's high season in our  part of the great white north.  High wool season that is.  After all it was minus 18 Celsius as I drove over to knit group today.

I couldn't resist this picture of Doreen.  Don't you  love the hat? 

On her needles today were a pair of socks for the Tom Thomson Gallery display. 
 She is knitting  them on two circulars.  A technique new to Doreen that Nan taught her.
Ruth might be the next to be knitting socks on two circs by the look of things.

Sharon, too was working on the war time socks.  
  In fact, we have made the local paper with our war time sock knitting.  'Read All About It'  Us'  here. 

Gail has a bright and cheerful, rainbow hued, top down sweater on the needles for an upcoming baby shower.

Wilma is knitting thrummed mittens to keep her hands warm on her morning walk.  Not a knitting technique  she enjoys so they aren't headed to  quick finish.
I share your lack of enthusiasm, Wilma.  It is not my kind of knitting either.  

Lots of cold weather, lots of wool, lots of knitting.  High season is so much fun!

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