Friday, January 17, 2014

Scottish Sweatrrr.

The Scottish Sweatrrr is moving along nicely.  Based on Elizabeth  Zimmermann's Fairisle Yoke Sweater and  in the cardigan format, it is a sweater that marches along fairly quickly and leaves the interesting bits for the final few hours of knitting.  The carrot in front of the nose , knitterly speaking.

At the moment, sleeve number two is almost finished.

 Next up is the joining of the sleeves to body, followed by the colour work.

 The fun part. 

Elizabeth's pattern calls for four extra colours.  Here are my choices at the moment. 
Seeing them laid out like this, the dark brown  and bright orange might seem out of sync.  But there  are narrow stripes of each of those colours  in my Scottish  skirt that I am hoping to echo in the sweater yoke. 

This afternoon, I will spend time on ravelry looking at other knitters' versions of this pattern for guidance on colour placement.  Right now I think that copying the proportional amounts featured in the skirt will be the best idea.  That would be  smaller  amounts of  dark brown and bright orange, larger amounts of white and caramel.   Surely one of the 207 versions will lead me in the right direction.

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freshisle said...

I remember the picture of the skirt and I like the bit of orange. Wish I could knit a sweater as quickly as you!