Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Public Declaration

I've heard it said, when setting a goal, that  it helps to declare it to the world at large. The idea there is that the public declaration might lead to a public shaming if the goal is not achieved.  Followed by the idea  that  trying to avoid the shaming  makes one work harder towards  achieving the  goal.    Not that it works for me, mind you. I have had way too much experience in failing to achieve my goals to any longer be embarrassed by a public shaming. 

Still, I have decided today to publicly declare my Olympic  knitting intentions.You see, I spoke today with Colleen, of  Riverside Yarns, in Owen Sound. She tells me that the eggplant purple
Cascade Eco+  yarn that I ordered for my Olympic Project will be at the store by the weekend.  Plenty  of time.  No excuses.  No  backing out now.

The pattern chosen is Graylina.  The pattern was chosen becaue I have coericed  encouraged my Ladies With Balls knit group  to choose lace work as their Olympic challenge.  I never ask them to knit what I wouldn't knit myself, so lace work it is.

Since I neither  wanted, nor needed, a shawl nor a scarf -  projects common to  lace-knitting - I chose a sweater.  The eggplant purple I chose because last year, I knit a sweater - Vignette -  in eggplant purple to match  a skirt of mine. Then, one cold, winter's day, I gave it to Peter's shivering Lady Of Spain.  Purple being her favourite colour and she being cold and all.  Since then, with no sweater to coordinate the look, I have not worn my black, boiled-wool skirt with the purple stitching.  All in all, it is about time.

Also, today, I am publicly - and boastfully -  declaring, that for this knitter, I think gold is in the bag.  I know that the Olympic motto of  'faster, higher, stronger' is  supposed to also be the goal behind our Olympic knitting choices.   In my case, I believe that I am well prepared.  Faster, higher, stronger it might be,  but not so much so that gold is out of reach.

There you have it. My public declaration of pattern, yarn and expected medal colour.  Get your cream pies ready.

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