Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday Are For Knit Group

All our knitters are home from their travels.

Wilma is back from  Vancouver and a visit with her grand daughters.

 Somewhere along the trip she picked up a nasty cold so socks were all she wanted to tackle today.

Sharon is back from England with yarn purchases.  This yarn - an entire bag full  - came from this store. 
It is a tweedy green Wensleydale yarn.  Lovely, Sharon.  For some unknown reason the bus that was supposed to run out past the store was no where to be seen  the day Sharon and hubby had  yarn shopping  on their schedule.  So they walked.  6 miles.  And hubby carried all the yarn all the way back.  Good man.

Carol has a grand daughter working on a school project.  You know those things - the kids are assigned the work, then they call Grandma to get the props.  Carol's grand daughter's project is about pioneers.  Carol sewed a pioneer girl's skirt, blouse, long apron and bonnet. 

So very Laura Ingalls, Carol.  Well done, Grandma.

Little Ruth arrived wearing a lovely shade of spring yellow. 
Then she proceeded to knit a yellow dishcloth.  Do you always knit colour co-ordinated projects, Ruth?

Nicki arrived with her spinning -
Nice as that is, Nicki, this is what I liked better.  

The gift of a  bag of fresh-cut Rhubarb.  Nicki is my dealer.  Each year she supplies me with lots and lots of Rhubarb.  Thanks, Nicki.  We love that first taste of spring at our house.

Glad everyone is home and glad to be eating Rhubarb from Nicki's  2013 crop.  Couldn't be better.


Sandra said...

Lovely stuff! I got sucked into the costume dept. once for my niece - a full Victorian era dress. What we do for family...
And I know a lot of people like it, but I can't do rhubarb. I watched my dog pee on our rhubarb for 15 years - I can't even think of ever eating it - sorry for the visual!

Needles said...

Dealer? Does she ship?

Jan said...

Our new house has a huge rhubarb patch. I usually cut it up and freeze it for stewed rhubarb. What do you do with it?