Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Blog Browsing

Blog browsing this  morning (Right now it is still easy.  Come July, Google's Reader disappears. What will I do then?) and I came across two 'neat', 'cool', 'sick' choose adjective-of-your-choice, blog posts.

This one from Fringe Association that shows some camp-wear knits.  I love them both. Wouldn't it be cosy on a chilly camping evening to bundle up in that sweater?

Robin Hunter's post of a couple of days ago took a look at some vintage knits and pointed out the sloppy knitting.  Glad you noticed, Robin. So did I.

Now you know what I do on a morning when I am trying to stall yet more spring, window cleaning.  Works for me.

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Jan said...

I am just in the process of trying to find a new reader myself. I think I am going to try The Old Reader It seems to be the closest to Google.