Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Fun Of Lots

Recently, I have had a few great days  of yarn shopping.
Yarn shopping, of course is best done in the company of other yarn addicts, so I have also had a great, couple of  days  spent with like-minded, yarn lovers.

On a rainy, cool, wet, dreary day last week, Wilma from knit group  and I headed over to Port Elgin, on the shores of Lake Huron, to a new yarn store.  An hours drive, but what knitter can resist the lure of  'new yarn store'.  Docknits is  owned by a local Doctor, who gave the store it's very apt name describing both ownership and location.   Clever I thought.  A lovely store.  It is spacious, clean, neat, tidy, and well organized with lots of all that is important in a yarn store -  yarn, patterns and great display garments.  Wilma spent some money here, but I resisted the offerings.  I had a plan.

On to Riverside Yarns in Owen Sound. We both spent money here.  I found the perfect yarn for my newly-queued Contrasts.  Sidar, Crofter DK.
An acrylic/cotton, smooth yarn that should pass through the machine with no problems. 

Colleen, Riverside's owner, gave us the latest breaking news.  She is re-locating her shop to the main street of Owen Sound - 2nd Ave W.  The move takes place on the July 1st weekend.  You heard it here first.

Monday, with clearer but cooler weather for the drive, I headed off to Listowel and the
Spinrite Factory Outlet.  My two knitting friends from St. Mary's and I try to get together  a couple of times a year and a 'tent' sale at Spinrite seemed the perfect excuse.

There I bought lots.
Fortunately, the sale meant I got lots of yarn but didn't spend lots of money. This entire pile you see here, cost me - put a wet cloth to your brow, knitters  -  just $12.  I have 5 balls of discountinued Mission Falls Cotton reduced to $1 per ball.  There wasn't much left and the remaining colours were probably never listed as most popular, but there were 5 balls of white.  I took them all.  I also picked up 2 bags of America's Country Cotton Cabled.  Proudly displaying the American flag on the label and stating 'Made in the USA' - a rare thing in the world of yarn these days.  Offered in bags of 6 for  $1.  I bought 2 bags.  Regret later told me I should have purchased them all.  The other yarns  -  the rust/white twist and the teal/rust/cream variegated are Sugar&Cream.  Commonly used for discloths, reduced in price to 27 cents per ounce.  I have 21 ounces.  Whatever you math skills, it is not lots of money.

All the Spinrite yarn was purchased with Twirly Skirt in mind.  I couldn't decide whether I liked the combo of MF white, with  the rust/white twist and the rust cabled cotton,

 or the combo of rust and cream cabled cotton with  the teal/rust variegated. 

 Reason kicked in and I bought it all.  Skirts for both  2013 and 2014 perhaps. 

In all, I spent less than $50 on yarn.  Yarn that will give me lots of fun, occupy lots of time, allow lots of creativity, offers lots of memories of two great days spent with knitting friends and - my most compelling argument -'Lots cheaper than a round of golf.'


Vera said...

Lordy, Lordy, what a pile of yarn!!! That would be enough for a lifetime, if I lived to be at least 90 years old. Have fun knitting

Jan said...

Oh I have yarn envy!