Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

 A glorious fall day today - what we used to call Indian Summer.  Is  that still an acceptable term?  Mild temperatures, sun shine and at knit group, lots of fabulous knitting.

Ruth arrived  wearing this gorgeous new sweater. 


 The day of  Sandy B's, sister Sue's most recent, great, yarn give-away,  Sandy foisted - yes foisted - this yarn on Ruth.  "Your colour," she said.  "Enough to make a sweater." she said. But Ruth who prefers knitting smaller things, asked her sister to knit it for her.  

 According to  Ruth's 80 year old sister, this is an easy pattern.  'Anyone who can count to 7 can knit this pattern' is the story that Ruth relayed to us.  The buttons  came from her sister's button box and started out as black buttons.  Clever woman, she   got out her nail polish and painted them purple.  Volia!  Matching buttons.  Now we are all jealous - of the sweater and the sister. 

Jean knit this fabulous cowl.
 Hand spun by Jean.  Hand knit by Jean  "Is it good enough to put in the Spinners & Weavers Sale?" was her question.  Most definitely,  Jean.  Especially if you let Ingrid fashion-ize it for you.

Our newest knitter, Sue  - obviously another 'take a picture of   the knitting but not of me' kind of knitter -is working on a Muff.  

It is going to her Mother who suffers from cold hands. 

Doreen is knitting a Mistake Rib Scarf.  Such a long scarf, so many hours of knitting, she says she can't sleep for dreaming about the Mistake Rib.

Which do we do more of on a Thursday afternoon.  Knit or chat?  It's a toss up, I think.  Three ladies, one set of needles. 
One does not have to be a knitter to enjoy chatting, or a chatter to enjoy knitting.  But they do go well together.


Sel and Poivre said...

Is the "foisting" Sandy the same as the "Brenda you knit with too much green" Sandy?

Its like you have the colour police up there!

Sandra said...

As much as I enjoy knitting on my own, I do love my Knit GRoup - the chatting, knitting and comparing of knitting all seem to go together!

Anonymous said...

Love that mix of knitting and chatting, Brenda!