Monday, November 5, 2012

Lucy From Galway

Somewhere on the 'net' I spotted Carina's Spencer's  Lucy Hat and fell in love.  From the Special Issue, Light Up Winter  Knitscene, it was one of those patterns that caused me to run right out and purchase the magazine.  No small feat for me as #1 - I have a K- Zillion too many knitting magazines already and #2 - I find magazines of any kind too expensive for my taste.  But Lucy made me do it.
 Pattern:  Lucy Hat from Special Issue Light Up Winter Knitscene
Yarn;  Galway Green Heather Worsted- about 60 G
Malabrigo - small amount in co ordinating colour
Needles: - 4mm

At least I was able to counter the price of the magazine by shoppping from my stash.  And for that I say 'Thank you Sue'.   Sandy B's sister Sue often sends   some of her    bags and bags of her 'I'm-no-longer-interested-in-this-yarn' leftovers down to the Meaford Knit Group.    Last time she did that I scored a ball of Galway Worsted in a gorgeous heathered green  and a ball of co-ordinating Malabrigo.  I know.  Who the heck gives away Malabrigo?  My farm upbringing told me to 'not look a gift horse in the mouth' so - Malabrigo for Brenda.   Both perfect for the Lucy Hat.

An easy pattern with some short rowing near the beginning to create the flap, and an interesting crown decrease.  The crown is shaped by dividing the stitches into 5 sections and decreasing once in each section,  every round.  Different from the more common crown shaping which is to divide into  8 sections and decreasec one each section,  every other round. 

The pattern says to turn the flap up, onto the side of the  hat,  and tack into place.  I haven't got that far yet because I wanted to see if it might look better to wear the flap differently than suggested.  In front, cap-like, perhaps?

Or down to warm one ear.

 Or maybe, just as the designger intended.

A nice, quick project to celebrate the conclusion of what seemed like the never ending saga of Vignette.  And to spread the price of the magazine over more projects, I think  I might make the Friday Slippers.


Needles said...

I like them all!

Sandra said...

I've got the magazine, and so far my list is:
Friday Slippers
possibly sideways ripples shawl
Sheila Cardigan
Crosscut (but cardiganized)
Gate Pullover
Farmstead Cardigan
Imbolc (maybe...)
Any wonder why this is my favourite magazine?

Yarn and Ivories said...

How perfect is THAT! No need to tack, I'd say. Then you have options--important to keep one ear warm...?

Christy J said...

Love it. Knitscene is my favorite magazine. I gave up my subscription to Interweave Knits in favor of buying this sister publication. I think it was meant for the younger demographic, but I think you just proved that it is appropriately cool for us "slightly older" knitters as well. You rock that hat!

Anonymous said...

Can you explain the flap (short row)? Is it knitting back and forth on the 10 stitches or the 35 stitiches? And if it is worked back and forth wouldn't it be knit and purl? The pattern keeps saying to knit every row. Can you help clarify this for me?