Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

While it wasn't dinner out and knit night at Riverside Yarns like last Thursday, knit group today was still fun.

 I brought Vignette along and  seems it was a hit.  It fits and looks good on Bonnie, worn over white.  

It fits and looks good on Sharon, worn over maroon. 

See Jean sitting behind Sharon?  See her knitting?  She is yarn bombing. We all get requests for knitted items, but Jean's neighbour's request was specific.  He asked for  knitted covers for his tree stumps.  
 She seems happy to oblige.

And Ruth, wearing the latest trend in scarves - hers with sparkles and knit for her by her sister - finished the baby jacket that has been on her needles for a few weeks.
 Last I saw it, she had the teeniest ball of yarn remaining with  yet one sleeve left to knit.  Never did I think that she would get one complete  sleeve from the itsy ball of yarn she showed me last week.  But she did.

Now she is on to a sweater for a little boy.  Knit in 2 pieces, front and back identical in a  T shape,  it is, Ruth says, an easy knit.

Ingrid hidden by her knitting - oh we have all done that, Ingrid -  is well on her way to completing her latest skirt.  This one in Americo Cotton Flamme. 
You've got time Ingrid.  It won't be cotton wearing weather for a few months now.

Wilma is almost finished her cowl.  Knit with Cabin Fever's Fingering Weight yarn laced with Sterling silver, we decided it is a 'dressy' cowl.  Being Lilac in colour, Ingrid has already hinted that it would suit her.

Thursdays have been big nights in my life lately and it is now  way past  my PJs and knitting time as I write this post. Time to end the day with needles in my hands.

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