Monday, November 19, 2012

For Goodness Sake

Friday past was a heartwarming day.  I opened ravelry to see a message from my Southampton friend, Elena.  Or,  as  I sometimes call her,  Crankin' Elena.  She and her Mother,  Moe, -(Mother Of Elena)  own several antique sock knitting machines and spend their time crankin' out socks.  In fact they enjoy this pastime so much that in October, they organized a Crank-In  that saw crankers from all over Ontario and the N.E. USA spend the weekend  in their neck of the woods,  crankin' out socks.

Elena's ravelry message  read that she was gifting me with an e-pattern.  Elena  called it a RAP.  (random act of pattern)     How nice is that!

The pattern,  For Good,  is a hat pattern designed by Megan Williams to honour her deceased sister.  I'll let Megan's words tell the story.

"My sister Melissa affectionately called Melly, was a fun-loving,quick-to-laugh, caring and generous soul.  As a forester, she loved to play in the woods hugging trees.  She was never a fan of doing her hair, and was often seen wearing a hat.  

Melly tragically died in 2007 from pulmonary embolisms ( blood clots in the lungs) we believe were caused by the birth control she was taking....
In remembrance of her on her birthday, November 29th, I have designed a hat that I would love to knit and be able to give to her..."

Such a story.  And perfect knitterly timing for me.  Weekends, I like to knit quick projects that I can finish in two days. I enjoy the motivation of the quick finish and the break from the more time- consuming projects that occupy most of my knitting time. 

Here is my - almost complete -  For Good  hat.

 Knit with 100% wool  Rejuvenation in off-white,   I used 4.5 mm needles.   I thought the needle size suggested in the pattern was too small to achieve gauge with the yarn.   Most likely, that is  due to a difference in  the Americans versus Canadian definition of  Knitting Worsted weight yarn.

Since one good turn deserves another and since all proceeds from pattern sales are being donated by Megan to National Women's Health Network, I  too will gift someone with a pattern.  Just leave a comment today through Thursday and Friday morning, I will annouce who gets my RAP.   For goodness sake.



Megan said...

Elena gave me the heads up on your blog post. Thank you so much for the kind words and promotion of the NWHN cause! I am so very glad that you are enjoying the pattern and the sentiment. The WIP looks lovely and I can't wait to see the button you pick out!

Sandra said...

What a great idea, and a great cause!

Manda-B said...

Your hat is turning out great! I love how the knitting community believes in paying good things forward.

Anonymous said...

Really like the pattern of the hat. A good way of paying things forward. And love the hint of how to make it bigger so one get read that darn verification stuff!


Jan said...

What a wonderful story. And what a wonderful surprise for you :)