Friday, August 17, 2012

The Redeeming Feature

My friend Patti-Ann warned me about the  pattern for the Bernat Diagonal Scarf.  She described it as nearly doing her in.   Boldly, after a few completed inches I publicly proclaimed, here on the blog, that I had it conquered. 
 My words have   - many rows back -  been eaten.

Understand that every row in this scarf is a short row.  For me the confusion came  when I turned at the end of the short  row.  Sometimes   Often,  I would naturally convert to purling after finishing a knit row.  With this pattern though, there are two knit rows, then one purl row.   Always!   I am embarrassed to tell you how much of the scarf I knit before realizing that.  But the last half went well.

The colours in this yarn are it’s redeeming feature. The colours are what made me break my own rule of never knitting with non-natural fibres.  This is Bernat Mosaic. 100% Acrylic.  There I said it.  The ‘A’’ word.  Here on my blog.  But I do love the colours.  

 It will make a wonderfully bright, cheerful statement on a grey, blah, winter’s day.


Needles said...

That is utterly gorgeous. And I want it.

Vera said...

That sure is a work of love! I cannot imagine tackling one of those.

Anonymous said...

it's very cool! will bring brightness and cheer to a dreary winter day. apologies, Brenda, for not knowing about my google profile.


Anonymous said...

hee hee,

Sigrun said...

Love it--can already think of a Christmas recipient, but I can't find the pattern. It's not on the Bernat site, and not in you projects on ravelry. Please help!!

Yarn and Ivories said...

Acrylic has its place I life! Looks deceptively easy and very nice. Great colors!

Anonymous said...

I can't find the pattern anywhere either. Any links?