Wednesday, August 15, 2012

No Reply

Home now and catching up on blog comments.  Sandra left me a great How To reply to my post about eh no reply commenters.  If yo u know yourself to be one - Gina, Deb, etc try Sandra's tip  - copied below - and hopefully I will be able to comment on our comments.

Sandra says - - - it's not you. If the commenter does not have an email linked to their profile, no email for them will be available. That's when you get the no-reply header. I was one of those until I linked my email to my profile. (or did something like that - in some way, I checked a box or something that allowed my email to show.)

Thanks, Sandra.


Anonymous said...

Good one Brenda and Sandra - I'd have to know where my profile is before I can attach an email to it :).

But as Julia suggested in that same discussion, would the blogger be able to publicly respond by commenting in their own comments section? (i should have quoted her better explanation; hope you can understand my version!)

take care,

Yarn and Ivories said...

Do I? Reply, please!