Monday, August 13, 2012

Miss Abi's Poncho

Apparently the poncho is a fashion statement again this year.  That is, if 10 year old Abi knows her fashion forecasts they are.  But any excuse for knitting Grandma will do.

Shopping at Ruby's Wool/Tool Napa Shop, Abi chose Lionbrand Homespun, a Boucle yarn  in variegated colours of pink and purple.  Perfect yarn for a ten-year old girl. 

Using the yarharlot's poncho pattern, it took no time at all to knit this little item.  Especially when Abi informed me she wanted a short, indoor poncho - one that wouldn't get in the way of pencils and paints at school.  If I had known sooner, I would have planned on a one- ball poncho.  But  the info about a short poncho came just a few rounds after joining  the second ball.  Knitters with prior knowledge or shorter kids could certainly get the poncho out of one ball.

Tomorrow, we leave for home. The long car ride should give me time to finish the Sweaterkits Scarf I purchased and started on the trip up - July 4! The grand kids are coming with us for a week so regular blogging and blog reading will be delayed until I again have the house to myself.   Until then - Happy Knitting!

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Yarn and Ivories said...

Isn't it funny how attractive that boucle yarn is to non-knitters? Almost every beginner, if I don't stop them, buys that for the first project. Looks great! School fashion is the best!