Friday, July 20, 2012

The Match Factory

With camera  & cord in hand and use of son & DIL’s wireless setup, today, I have pictures.  And I take you back to New Liskeard and The Match Factory. 

Here is the smiling, cheerful Bea, owner of New Liskeard’s great yarn store - TheMatch Factory. 
 With a smile like that, no wonder she is a super salperson.  Remember I went to browse, to have one last fibre fondling fest before arriving for the summer in Hearst. 

Yet I came out of the store with this. 
 A Sweaterkits kit for a delicate, colourful scarf.  One skein of Silky Mulberry and one skein of Silk Whisper.  The Mulberry is a lovely silk while the Whisper is a mohair/silk combo  in a thread-like weight.  The pattern is simple.  A few rows of garter followed by one row of Yarn Overs to give it holes, knit first in the Mulberry then repeated in the Whisper.  

I am not sure of my colours.  I had hoped that the Mulberry had more colours hidden in the centre of the skein, but no.  It is simply shocking pink and orange. The Whisper has some pink and orange in it but its predominant colours come from the blue/purple family.    I look at it often and question if they compliment or clash. 

The scarf Bea had on display was gorgeous – partly for its colours, but mostly for its feel.  And since I was definitely not the first New Liskeard shopper to appreciate its luxury, the pickings were slim. I have been referring myself to my own  oft-mentioned  advise to   ‘have faith’.  In the end I think it will have its own beauty. 

The one thing I know for sure is that the colours are definitely not mine.  
 Dorothy’s colours, yes.  For sure.  So perhaps Bea has just started me on my first Christmas knitting for 2012.
Told you she was good at her job.  I doubt her flame will ever fizzle. 


Gisella said...

Oh my gosh, that's gorgeous yarn! And a lovely pattern. So sorry that they are not your colours, but nothing wrong with a Christmas gift - you'll feel so virtuous once it's finished! Hope you enjoy the knit. It looks interesting.

Linda said...

I like it! Doubtless the eventual recipient will too. Happy vacation.