Friday, July 13, 2012

Photo-less Post From Hearst

More than a week has passed and this is my first computer day.  Yes there has been withdrawal.  And a vacation state of mind it seems,  as I arrived at the library with my camera - thought I was so smart to remember it - but no computer attachment cord.  So no photos today.

There are two pieces of knitting related news to tell though. First, Gemini is almost finished.  I should have FO pictures by my next computer visit. Secondly, we   I  visited a great yarn store in New Liskeard on the drive up.  Called The Match Factory and owned by a lively lady named Bea.  A great salesperson she is too as I intended to visit, look, see, handle, fondle but NOT BUY.  Of course she talked me into  - HAH! - a decadent, Sweaterkits scarf kit and pattern.  Pictures of which I will post on my next computer day.

In the mean time, the story of her shop name is interesting and requires no photos.   In the north, many, over the years, have headed south  to set the world on fire.  Only to return home when the flame fizzles.  Apparently when questioned as to why they have come back north, the common answer over the years has been    I ran out of matches.     Hence the name Bea chose for her store - The Match Factory.

If I were able to figure out this French keyboard, I would give you quotation marks and a link to Bea's store.  But next time I get to the computer, I will give you photos.  In the meantime, enjoy your summer everyone.


LynS said...

I look forward to the photos. I find the whole idea of your summer migration and the changes it brings to your life fascinating. Such a wry and thoughtful name for the yarn store. I think hearing the story would seduce me into buying yarn to support someone so imaginative.

Yarn and Ivories said...

A new shop! How fun, becoming a regular stop, maybe? And very cool name!

Sandra said...

glad to hear you arrived safe and sound. Knit, relax, enjoy the grandkids, and share with us when you can!

Anonymous said...

My French keyboard drives my DH nuts. Try hitting the "shift" key and the "period" key to get quote marks. You might also try hitting "shift" and the "6" key for a question mark.
Can't wait to see your pictures!

freshisle said...

Hope you're having a lovely time with the grandkids! Love the idea for the store name. So true.