Monday, July 2, 2012

Blocked And Worn

Canada Day turned out to be too hot for anything but a red tee.  But fortunately,  Saturday morning, with a bit of freshness to the air and some errands to run, meant I could try out the Cotton Tweed, 'holey', summer sweater that I completed in - may I remind you? - 12 days.

As  always, the proof is in the wearing and my 12 Day Sweater didn't disappoint:  Not too heavy, not too warm, stays on the shoulders just right, fits well and can be worn with any colour.  A winner, I'd say.  Time will tell if the looser gauge  - 20 stitches over 4 inches rather than the prescribed 22 -  will wear well.  In the meantime, I think it will be a 'go-to' sweater for any and all  cooler summer days.


Linda said...

I'd be proud to wear such a cute sweater!

Crazy Knitting Fool said...

The sweater is lovely.

Gisella said...

It is gorgeous, and suits you very well! Great project.