Monday, February 28, 2011

Request Granted

At the end of January, on our trip to Toronto for Peter's art show, niece Christie requested a pair of texting mitts.  She asked me to knit  the same pattern as her sister's mittens, but in blue and black. Although they have long been  finished, I  neglected to take pictures before I mailed  them  to her.  This past weekend, I caught up with her and took a couple of photos. 

These are Chimera Mittens by Laris Designs.  The picture on the  pattern cover shows fingerless mitts, but included are  instructions for both fingerless and, like those I knit for Christie, full mittens.

These are size small, knit with Rejuvenation yarn by Kertzer.  The yarn is 100% wool and very feltable.  Such a good thing when guessing at the correct size to knit.  If they are a bit too large, they can be felted down.  The double layer over the finger tips makes them very warm. 

Christie's modelled shots show the buttonhole in the thumb tip that makes texting easy.  Apparently a designer, popular with the teenage crowd, has created similar mittens and loyal Christie is disgusted that she stole my idea.  :) 

Next up, Christie  would like a matching hat.  On her next visit, she intends to  search my patterns for the perfect design.  One request granted, another to come. 


Yarn and Ivories said...

Since you talked about them, I was skeptical about the thumbs being really useful. But Christie looks like she's ready! Next, catch her texting! Brilliant, I say!!

Needles said...

perfectly wonderful when someone wants your handknits.

Laurie said...

Very, very cute! So nice when your hard work is appreciated, isn't it?

Which does not explain why my word verification says "cusses". Is it talking about that pie sweater of yours? ;-)

freshisle said...

I love these.