Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Green Again

Having run out of black yarn for Christie's mittens, and tired of acres of stockinet stitch for my pumpkin pie pullover, I did what my Mother would have been disappointed to see me do. I started yet another project before finishing my previous one. Previous two actually.

A Felted Bucket Hat from Chicknits. Fred and I had a short road trip this morning and what better thing to do in the passenger's seat than knit? I cast on and got this much finished before we returned home.
Can you guess who gets this hat? Your clue? It's green. If you guessed, 'no one but Brenda wears this shade of green', you're right. The hat is for me!! Not particularly pretty in hats, I might, I think, look not too bad in this one. It's the face-framing brim that kicks up the style quotient and makes it a hat I can I think I can wear. And of course the colour suits me well.

Friend Nicki, often suggests to me that I should enlarge my colour range -wear colours from outside my colour comfort zone. Although her nagging encouragement hasn't yet put me in blue or pink, it at least makes me question my colour choices. And I've come to the conclusion, that I fall somewhere between a woman who knows what looks good and flatters, and a woman in a rut. Your opinions not required. Thanks just the same.

Since I have this lovely piece of 'black coat art' -
the green again hat should look just fine.


Sel and Poivre said...

I too am a brim wearing "girl" - I must be because no one ever encourages me to expand my hat horizons...but then I've never met Nikki! ;)

Nicki said...

Wear what you love!

Needles said...

A brim all round is definetly better looking than one without. The hat is going to look smashing with your scarf.

Laurie said...

Laughing at your assessment of either being a woman who knows what flatters and being in a rut. I'm the same way! I think the green hat will look wonderful on you, especially with that wonderful scarf.

And don't put me in pink. Ever! ;-)