Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

I was glad to get to knit group today. Last week, I was day tripping, next week is Canada Day, the week after that I'm off to Hearst for the summer. It was good to see what the knitters had on their needles on my last knit-group day until September.

Doreen is finishing her leggings assignment. 4 pairs, I think.
These are so delightfully colourful. Doreen knits often for charitable, community causes but will most likely be glad to be back to her own knitting after several weeks of scarecrow leggings.

Pat showed me her latest baby outfit and posed it nicely for the photo shoot.
I grabbed the latest stuffed toy and placed it in her hands to be included in the picture. Normally verbose, Pat seemed quiet - confused. Once the shutter clicked, she said " I didn't knit this toy." Apparently, quiet, unassuming Gloria - the lady in pink behind Pat - knit this one. Sorry Gloria. My mistake. I've grown so accustomed to Pat arriving with a new toy each week, I forgot we have a second, toy knitter.

Sandy B recently made her fist trip to Koigu. She bought yarn and pattern to knit a mitred- square vest and arrived at knit group today seeking help with those mitres. Who better to help than our resident Koigu queen, Ingrid?

When Survivor ends for the season, life seems much more boring. But when knit group and Survivor are both done for the season - well, only a Survivor-loving knitter would understand.


Laurie said...

I will miss the weekly knitting group updates...but you've given me one heck of an earworm (day tripper, indeed...). ;-)

Anonymous said...

I can relate. Am a Survivor fan and our knit group has already been disbanded since the beginning of June. Look forward to your fall start-up...have a great summer, Brenda!

Gina C.