Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hate Me Now

When I tell about my day, I imagine many will hate me in that non-serious way we say we hate uber thin, or rich or talented people we meet.

There is no knit group news today because I was on a road trip. One of the yarn suppliers for the store hosted a lovely Open House, lunch and warehouse tour shopping trip. Hate me now.

Store owners browsed the displays over coffee.

There were many scarves
- or black-coat art as they were called today -
knit with what I term 'second generation' novelty yarn. As funky as the first time around, but now made with good quality fibres.

One entire table was devoted to baby things. So Cute.

Lunch was served in a beautifully-restored, historic, stone house, now chic restaurant. My quiche was great, but the lemon tart was to die for. Hate me now.

While we ate we listened to the General Manager of Naturally Yarns from New Zealand.
Easy to look at, fun to listen to - hate me now - and when did they start letting 12 year olds become GMs?

There were door prizes - guess which name was the first drawn?
Hate me now.

And lastly, as we headed out the door for home, goody bags.
I repeat - hate me now.

It was just like the G8 or G20 - without the lake or all the security. We put lots of faces to names, learned lots about our host country distributor, ate lots of good food and smooshed lots of yarn. Hate me now.

A wonderful, wonderful day.


Sel and Poivre said...

I hate you now, not because of your day - for which I am happy, I hate you now because you have the nerve to take pictures at public or semi public events! I lug my camera from pillar to post but I can't ever bring myself to pull it out!

Sandra said...

Yeah, I hate you now. But, you know, in a good way...

and my word verification was croolo - cruel is right!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you also bought a lottery ticket for the MaxMillions or whatever it's called! ...cuz you sure won the knitter's lottery with that yarn-shmoozing event!

Yep, I was envious when I read that post :) .

Gina C.

Laurie said...

I hate you in the nicest way possible...must get a job in a yarn shop...