Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Round One Goes To Me

My email is fixed. It involved a few hours of trial and error followed by reading unhelpful postings on the 'help' forum. At that point, I gave up and called son #2. He suggested a little housecleaning and told me where to find the computer dust mop and YIPPEE!! My email is back.

Mind you, I seem to have lost all my blog feeds so I guess it's a good news/bad news kind of fix. But I am now encouraged - even feeling empowered, boss of my computer - and I bet I can figure out the blog feed problem too. That's today's euphoria speaking, - it might not last.

Despite the exhaustion and frustration, there was knitting. Sock #1 is done.
DK weight yarn, 2.5 mm needles, 48 stitches. Such a cute kid's sock. Once I whip off sock #2, then I can get back to the February Baby Sweater. Elizabeth misses me.


Sel and Poivre said...

You're practically a "geek"!

I'm also impressed you tried so hard before calling in the cavalry for help!

Needles said...

I love the way the sock loos. So comfy and at homey.

Laurie said...

YAY!! Glad you banished the email gremlins. Love the sock - there's just something so cool about a sock with different-colored heels and toes. :-)