Monday, June 28, 2010

Third Time's The Charm

First it was Hey Teach, then one of my own creations, but neither time was I totally satisfied with the look of the lovely Eco Cotton as it was knit up.

This spring, the 'Summer Vest' from the May issue of Creative Knitting caught my eye. Immediately I purchased some great Noro for a winter 'Summer Vest'. But my Eco Cotton summer sweater lay unworn. Why not rip it and make a summer 'Summer Vest'? After all, third time's the charm!! Mind you, I did say, if I don't' like the finished product this time, the yarn was headed for the garbage.

But like it I do.
It was a quick knit at 19 sts/4in. Modifications were few. I lengthened the vest so that it falls at the top of the hip. Then I started with enough stitches for the finished measurement. The pattern calls for the vest to start with fewer stitches then increase to bust size. Since I was lengthening the vest, it seemed it might hang better if it was full width from the get-go. At the shoulders, I did short-row shaping. Always a better-fitting shoulder, IMHO, especially when using a 3 needle bind off.

The result? - I like it!! Unfortunately at bust/eye level there is one row where the seed stitch is off. Just ignore it. That's what I'm doing.
Summer vests have a certain charm. Just a little something extra over a tee shirt not only wards off any chill, but gives a more finished look to an outfit. Not that I would normally recommend knitting the same yarn 3 times to get a satisfying finished product, but this time it worked.


Crazy Knitting Fool said...

Love the vest! I'm glad the third time worked out so well for you.

Vera said...

It really looks good and I had to hunt for the flaw. I don't think anybody would know unless you told.☺

freshisle said...

Now that's perseverance! I still liked your 'Hey Teach', but the vest is nice, too.

Laurie said...

Third time truly IS a charm! I really like the vest - especially the seed stitch (such a sucker for seed stitch...). Like Vera, I had to look really, REALLY hard to find the flaw. If anyone is looking that hard at that part of your anatomy, you have my full permission to smack 'em! ;-)

Andi said...

The seed stitch flaw isn't noticeable at all. Your vest looks great. Sometimes it just takes a few projects to figure out what yarn wants to be. Third time was a charm for this yarn.