Monday, November 24, 2008

The Toronto Toot

My plans to show you my Romni Wools yarn purhcases have been foiled by dead batteries. So tomorrow will be yarn day. Don't expect to see great quantities of yarn. You can't buy a lot in just a morning. In the mean time, here are some photos of the 'toot' part of the weekend.

These were taken Friday night at dinner. We met at the Rex, one of my family's favourite hangouts as it is central - therefore easy to get to - has music 24/7 and the food is cheap.

Here you see Katie, the birthday girl, in dark glasses.
The glasses were not being worn just for effect. We met for dinner at 7 pm, just hours after Katie had Laser surgery on her eyes to correct her vision problems. Hence the dark glasses. BTW, She loved her 'geek gloves' and wore them the rest of the weekend.

Here is number two son Peter, the artist,
with cousin Chuck, the 'multiple marathoner'.
13 marathons in 12 weeks. Can you say obsessive, compulsive?

Dad, now 88, listening to tales of the 13 marathons.
We had lots of fun. If I lived in Toronto, I wouldn't need a fitness program. Just getting from A to B is a fitness program in itself. It was a 30 minute walk - and those that know me, know that when I say walk, I mean 'fast' - from the B&B to Romni Wools. Then a 20 minute walk to where I was to meet everyone for lunch. Then a 2o minute walk to the Eaton Centre for shopping, and last - thank goodness - a 25 minute walk to the next music venue! Whew!

Lots of fun, food, and great family times. Too bad I couldn't afford to do it every week.

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