Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No Knitting Today

What a busy day! Laurie M will be jealous because it was a retired, all-about-me, kind of busy.

First thing this morning, (Well, first thing is a relative term. More precisely, I should say, at 9:30 this morning...) I went for a long walk along the Georgian trail (The old Collingwood to Meaford railroad line) with two friends I hadn't seen in quite some time. We walked at a good pace for an hour and a half. This fed my physical side.

After the walk, we went for coffee and a visit. This fed my social side.

In the afternoon, I stuffed and stamped a hundred envelopes for the newsletter from the local Legion, of which I am secretary. This fed my community-spirited side.

With the stuffing done, I went to get highlights in my hair.
A bit 'flashed' out, but you get the idea.
Something I haven't done for many, many years. This fed my girly-girly side.

And what did Fred do while I was 's-0-0-0' busy?

He worked. He has decided that the garage would be better with a drywalled ceiling. So he rented a big, drywall, putting-up thingy
and wrestled several sheets of drywall into place. It is a process that really does go better with two people, and I most definitely likely would have helped him if I hadn't been so busy.

So there was no knitting today. My crafty side has not been fed! I am experiencing the crafty equivalent of a growling stomach. Ah! Wait! The day isn't over. Off to do some knitting.

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LaurieM said...

Ah lovely! What a nice day.

Honestly I shouldn't complain, because I have a lovely husband who takes on the lion's share of the chores around the house so I can visit with friends, knit and walk the dog.

Of course he does that because I have the higher paying, stressful job. There's always a trade-off.