Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Knitters love to knit. We knit as we watch TV, while in airplanes, standing in line, waiting for appointments, as passengers in a car and just about anywhere we have a spare moment to bring out the needles. Fanatical some say.

And we knit under duress. While the kids are crying, the phone is ringing, the pot boils over. But my friend, Shirl, takes the gold medal for fanatical knitting under duress.

Shirl is the friend I visited last spring in B.C. She lives in Fanny Bay and was my partner in the yarn shop crawl.

While her hubby was off on a hunting trip this fall, she tripped and fell - over the cat no less - and broke her wrist.

Does that stop Shirl from knitting? No way!
Her hubby sent me this picture the other day, saying it was a photo of a recent 'Fanny Bay Knitting Club' meeting. All members present.

And look who Shirl the fanatical normal knitter allows to join her while she knits. The 'cat-that-broke-her-wrist'. The cat does have a name, but I call him 'Pathetic."

Hope your wrist heals fast, Shirl.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Shirl is my hero. I will think of her as I continue my marathon Christmas sock knitting. My shoulder and neck are sore and tight.... but a broken wrist... well if Shirl can continue to knit, so can I :-)