Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

We had a visitor at knit group today. Sharon's Mother-in-law, Irene, arrived in her lively, red, hand-knit sweater. It looked to me as if it was knit with Patons Brilliant. But when I asked, Irene said she couldn't remember the name of the yarn. She likes to wear this bright sweater on dreary days, she said. To brighten things up. Indeed it does, Irene.

Look how much Pat has accomplished on her 'insanity' sweater. One insanity-producing front.
Finished! Well done, Pat. Oh - that tick will go away in time, I'm sure. The back and sleeves have only a bit of wave action going on, just above the ribbing. Not nearly as insane.

And of course, there were LOTS of Easy Peasy shawls scarves. This is one anxious group of knitters. Most of them stopped knitting when the piece was scarf width. The heck with carrying on for the shawl look. Scarf or shawl, it is a dramatic display of colour!

The first black scarf belongs to Sharon. The one in the middle was in the middle of the table - sorry, I forgot to ask who knit it. The modelled shot is of Pat with her wonderful red scarf.

The big surprise was Sandy. Sandy is the knitter who has been knitting the same project for the last two and a half years. A few stitches every week. But look how much she has done on her Easy Peasy Scarf - in just a week.
Way to go, Sandy. And the colours are gorgeous.

Bonnie and I had side-by-side, corner seats today. Nicki looked over and promptly declared our corner to be the 'naughty' corner. A bit harsh, I think. Fire engine red and slinky black don't necessarily say 'naughty'. In fact, I told Nicki, the feel I'm going for is much more ' classic little black dress' than naughty. She disagreed and stole my camera to let you be the judge.

The 'other' Brenda completed a marvellous scarf. Not an 'Easy Peasy scarf, Brenda calls this one the 'wavy' scarf.
That's one happy knitter, wouldn't you say?

Nell, our generous, charity knitter finished a great little vest with matching hat to go off to the mission.

A lot of knitters. A lot of knitting. A great day.
Now for Survivor. If it was me, I'd get rid of Crystal.

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Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great!
I am in awe of the loon sweater. I have that 'old' pattern book, too!