Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Turnip Decision

Dinner tonight is beef stew. The first stew of the season. And lucky for me, I had all the ingredients on hand, except the turnip.

Turnip! I can hear the screech of the turnip-hating, blog readers now. Who puts turnip in their stew?

I do. I love turnip. The crisp nutty flavour adds a lot to stews and soups. To me, without turnip, the stew lacks the robust, farm-flavour that turns any old stew into a great stew.

The decision to serve stew tonight was made in part because it's a cool, rainy, fall day. That meant, for the turnip-buying trip, I had to wear my jacket. My ratty old jacket with the cuffs so stained that I can't even 'Shout!" them clean. And what did I see when I pulled in to the parking lot? A lady wearing a lovely, hand-knit, fall sweater.

Aaaaah, I thought. I should be wearing a hand-knit sweater. Like my Diagonal Rib Cardigan. And so the decision was made. The turnip decision, I call it. Loden will be set aside and I will finish Diagonal in time to take advantage of this perfect, sweater-wearing weather. I am so glad I needed turnip.

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