Monday, October 6, 2008

Back To Back

Look what I got done on the weekend.

That is 20 inches of the Diagonal Rib back. 20 inches with only an ever-so-slight tug. My size requires 21 inches - I can taste the victory. Almost done.
Please excuse my lack of modesty -this girl hasn't had a FO for quite some time -but I think it looks great.
I am in love with the colour. And along with the two sleeves - which look much too yellow in this photo -
I am now three/fifths done. Yea.

Until Sunday afternoon, though, I thought it would be a non-knitting weekend. Saturday was spent at the Apple Harvest craft show in Meaford. I wanted to meet Doug, The Soxophone Player and I knew he would have a booth at the show. Despite living only a few kilometres apart we had never met. Go read his blog posting about the show. Glad to hear it was so successful for you Doug.

Sunday morning, though, things changed. Rogers came and hooked us up to the 21st century. We upgraded our cable service and now get several channels 'on demand'. Hours and hours of knitting time now stretch before me. I can watch home decor shows 'On Demand'. Any hour of the day or night. Without commercials. And knit while I watch. Does it get any better?

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