Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

Today, I want to show you what the knitters at knit group didn't knit.

I had been thinking lately, that I should give away my hand-knit sweaters. A closet full of sweaters was stifling my creativity. It was becoming difficult to justify knitting yet another sweater.

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the 'give-away' to Sandy who happened to be sitting beside me, at knit group. " Don't do it, don't do it, you'll be sorry," she said. Sandy's a wise woman, so I gave it further thought. In the end, I decided to give away some sweaters.

As knitters, I knew the ladies at knit group would cherish the sweaters, and know how to care for them. I hoped they would want some of them. Those they didn't want, I would take to the local outreach.

But there were no leftovers. Look.

Pat took the striped cardigan. This was my first-ever, self-designed sweater. Made with Manitoulin Wooly Harvest wool and designed using a variation of the Fibonacci striping sequence. I can remember sitting under the apple tree in the back yard of our London home, knitting gauge swatches for that sweater. Yes, plural. Swatches!

Milrea loved the cabled cardigan. She couldn't believe there was a sweater with sleeves the right length to accommodate her long arms. She was thrilled. She said " You have made me very happy, Brenda." Gosh. That made me happy.

Doreen took the little summer top.
This was also self-designed. Knit side-to-side and made with Mission Falls Cotton. I had seen a picture in a magazine of a similar top and thought " I can do that." But let me tell you. It took every bit of mathematical knowledge I had to get those stripes right. A lot of stolen work time went into the math behind those stripes.

Sharon took the Sally Melville funnel neck top. From Sally's book, The Purl Stitch. Or was it The Knit Stitch? Can't remember. Sharon is wearing her lovely Fleece Artist Triangle scarf and the 'Sally' top is sitting in front of her.
Doreen - the other Doreen - took a shrug and a vest. Sorry Doreen, I forgot to take your picture. Doreen's daughter, in England, is getting the shrug.

I am so glad that they all went to knitters I know. Wear them in good health, ladies.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea! I'm sure your knits were well appreciated. Wish I'd been there!!
Love those hunter hats, too.

OzB said...

Oh you are one big sweetie to give away your sweaters! Can you be my new mummy [lol].