Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Would You Like To See Slides Of Our Vacation?

Remember when it was considered a real social gaffe to inflict your vacation slides on visitors?
Somehow, the blog world has changed that. Or maybe not. If you are not interested in seeing pics of Vancouver Island, tune in tomorrow. I promise to start talking about something other than our trip - soon.
In the meantime -- Did you know there are Palm Trees in Canada? Here is one in Victoria.
Downtown Victoria

While my hometown was looking pathetic - still buried under 3 feet of snow in April - the citizens of Victoria were enjoying this. The harbour, The flowers, And Palm Trees. Pack you bags, folks, The currency is the same. The language is the same. In fact - the COUNTRY is the same. Why don't we all live here?

And if we lived in Victoria, we could visit Butchart Gardens regularly. Butchart Gardens is literally, a breath-taking place. The first time I saw it - 25 years ago - I recall gasping as I rounded the first corner, seeing the beauty of those gardens. I have never before , or since, seen anything that has taken my breath away. If I had money, I would travel to BC in every season just to see those gardens - even if I had turn around and come right home. They are that spectacular.

Here are a couple of photos ( I took 175, so if these few aren't enough, let me know. Ha Ha.)
The requisite shot. Just to prove that we were really there.

The Sunken Garden.
The sunken garden was created out of an abandoned quarry. To plant Ivy in the tall, rock walls, Mrs Butchard- that's right, MRS! Butchart - sat in a hanging Bosun's chair. I have no idea what a Bosun's chair is, but the idea of hanging in any kind of chair to do the planting is enough to impress me.

And this is a second shot of the same garden. With our friend Max going down the steps.

Even with my only-average photography, the beauty is clearly evident.

Not that the rest of Van Isle isn't gorgeous. They do have some pretty big trees.
This one in Cathedral Grove came down in a storm. It goes on and on.
And any tree you can stand in is big by my standards.
Another requisite shot. But, you get the idea. Lots of BIG trees and beautiful scenery.

Social gaffe or not, these pics deserve to be shared. Enjoy.

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