Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Up Island

My next yarn-store stop was in Nanaimo. Approaching Nanaimo along the highway, all you see is a HUGE mall. Malls we have at home, so Fred and I followed the signs for downtown and the 'Old Quarter'. Visions of Quebec City circled. Cobblestone streets, 400 year old buildings. Perhaps even a 'finiculaire'.( Is that spelled correctly?) After all, both cities are built on a hill. But Nanaimo's 'Old Quarter' would be better named the 'Not-So-Old, Old Quarter'. It is definitely of the post World War Two era. Hee Hee. Quite a surprise.

'Mad About Ewe' is smack in the middle of the 'Old Quarter'. What a great yarn store! The clerks were very helpful and directed Fred to a nearby coffee shop. Funny man, my Fred. He asked them if there was a time limit on loitering in the coffee shop. Then told them the story of getting kicked out of the coffee shop next door to Toronto's Romni Wools for being there too long. Ha Ha

One of the 'Mad About Ewe' clerks was wearing a wonderful,wool sweater. Spectacular yarn, in a rust-coloured tweed. Knit in a beautifully-simple, classic style with one large cable down the front. I wanted one! But the price stopped me. The sweater would have cost me about $175. Too much for this retiree's pocketbook.

Instead, I bought this.
DK weight, cotton, meant for a summer top. Not sure what style yet, but sleeveless. It is Fanion by Phildar.

This single ball of green is - just because. I had never seen yarn with sequins before. So it was a must have.

It is Coquette by Louisa Harding. Polyester and sequins. 67 metres on the 25 G ball. Suggestions?
The orange and blue are for this summer top.

It will be the second time I have made this pattern. From Knit n' Style, August 2002 issue. The bottom brown bit is ribbed . Then plain stockinet in the top. My first one has been washed so much all shape is lost. So another one it is. The orange has a blue fleck, so I think the two will look great together and be nice with jeans.

Then - left over from yesterday's display- there is this single ball of Noro.
Purchased at Boutique du Laine on Estevan St in Victoria. It is worsted weight and I bought it because of the colour. Do you see a green theme happening here?

Tomorrow, we go to Port Alberni.


NP said...

Hmmmm...a suggestion for the Coquette yarn...67 metres, sequins.
I know, a bustier! Then you could wear your new top-down summer cardi with it! After all you're already showing shoulder, why not be even more daring.

Brenda said...

Ha ha