Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No Knitting Today

Today was computer day. My computer has been giving me all sorts of grief. It won't stay connected to the internet.
So I called my computer specialist and he came right away.
Here he is. Peter. Son #2. This is the motor-cycle riding, comedic, artist son. He lives about 2 hours away by car and 3 by motorbike. It was really good of him to come. He is very patient with my inept computer skills (ICS) and never ever rolls his eyes. Good of him, I would say, as I am sure my ICS try his patience.
We weren't able to fix the computer, but he did get my new digital, picture frame up and running and he even taught me how to do it.
We bar b g ued for lunch and had time for a catch-up as we hadn't seen him since before our trip to BC.
All in all a good day. Thanks, Pete. And still some time left for knitting.

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Anonymous said...

Your photo-taking skills sure are improving...although it probably doesn't hurt that the subject is just so damn handsome.