Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Ta Da! Here it is. Modeled shots of the 'Sexy Grandma' Tee. What do you think? Too daring? Would my kids be embarrassed to be seen with me, wearing this? Knit group, I know was worried about the bare shoulders. Me, I'm more worried about revealing too much of the underarm flex-a-flab. You know, the body part I swore I would never allow myself to get? Ha Ha.
I used Mission Falls Cotton - about 7 balls. And the pattern is an old one by Needful Yarns. Pattern # 011, called Tube Tank. Discontinued by now, I am sure. Mission Falls is a slightly larger gauge than the called-for yarn so I made a smaller-than-normal size..

It's great. I love the way it fits. Snug, but not too tight. I credit the photos of garments from Interweave Knits shown on their blog, Knitting Daily, for turning me on to negative ease. This Tee has about 4 inches of negative ease.

On to the TDPFRSS KAL. That stands for the Top-Down, Pattern Free, Raglan, Summer Sweater Knit A Long. Nicki left here yesterday afternoon about 3. At 7, she called to say she had 16 rows done. 16 rows?? Yikes. Time to get knitting. So I finished unraveling my unworn sweater and started to knit. I have 5 rows done. But think I will rip them out. I decided on button holes but don't like where I put the first one. So, really, I have zero rows done. I hate to think how many rows Nicki has now , 24 hours later. This isn't so much a KAL as a WNK - Watch Nicki Knit.

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NP said...

Very funny. LOL
No one told me it's a race! Is it?