Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Some knits were finished and on display and other knits were barely started today at knit group.

Deana showed off her lovely, finished  cowl. 

Knit from a kit she purchased at the KW Knitters Fair.  Several colours  with an easy formula.  Knit until colour #1 is finished.  Then with colour #2, purl until you run out of that colour. Repeat until all colours are used.  Lovely and cheerful for the grey days ahead, Deana.

Gail is still busy outfitting Miss Barbie.
Besides these little sweaters, she plans to knit Barbie a Bikini.  She read us the pattern for the  Bikini Top - Cast on 12 stitches.  Work 2 rows of K,  P1, cast off. Now, that's funny.

In between Barbie Doll items, Gail also knit a hat, with yarn gifted from Sandy's sister Sue.

Can you tell Gail has Grand Daughters?

Both Sharons had sweaters on their needles today.  Sharon R started her winter project,
 with bright red Berrocco Dk.   A  colour that will look great on you, Sharon.

Sharon also told us she feels like a 'real' knitter now.  She has a row counter around her neck. 
Yep, that's a sign for sure.

The other Sharon has a sweater started too.
 A Knit Picks design
she is  knitting with Knit Picks Gloss - a wool silk combo.

Lots of knitters, lots of laughter, lots of knitting.  A great Thursday.  And just a reminder - in the Owen Sound area this weekend?  Stop by the main library to visit the Spinners and Weavers Guild sale.  Sharon and Jean and all their fellow spinners and weavers will be there with their wares.

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