Friday, November 6, 2015

The Plan

The plan is to knit two more sweaters before Christmas.  One for me and one for my niece,
 the recipient of Hippe Blue, last year. 

This year, my niece has requested a Glenora.  Knowing that it only takes 10 days to knit, I had hoped to run out to my LYS last Tuesday,  buy the yarn and return home to start the sweater. Once finished I would have plenty of time to knit a long-planned, Christmas sweater for myself.  But 'alas'  as they say, the requested colour was not in stock.  Back at home, I called other stores withing driving distance and no one had her colour choice. 

With a trip to Toronto in our plans for last weekend (Fred and I had tickets to see the  Magna Carta before it left town)  I supposed I could pick up the yarn for Glenora at one of the megacity's many yarn stores.  But after calling and searching web sites, I learned that any stores  withing easy travel distance of son Peter's condo, our hotel for the weekend,   either didn't have the colour in stock or didn't carry the yarn at all.

Before leaving for the big smoke I called my LYS and ordered the yarn knowing I would wait two weeks for it to arrive.  Then we headed down to the city.  My first stop was Romni Wools.  Their website (which I now know,  lied) had shown that they don't carry the yarn needed for Glenora, so my goal was to buy the yarn for my special Christmas sweater.  While waiting for Glenora's yarn to arrive, I would start my own sweater.

But of course, there in front of me was a large selection of Glenora's yarn.  And with enough stock in the requested colour to  have been able to start immediately.    Dang!  Keep  web sites updated, people.

Instead, I purchased this yarn

for this sweater.  It is top down and I am half finished the lace work.  With only one rip out.  Not bad.

My new plan is to have Snowflake finished by the time Glenora's yarn arrives.  A hopeful plan.

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