Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cotton Concerto

Today, I am wearing the Fern Poncho while knitting on my next piece of summer apparel.  Summer is short here in my neck of the woods.  If I want my summer pieces to be completed in time for summer wearing, I need to keep my needles flashing.

This next knit - my penultimate piece of summer knitting I think (or perhaps, penultimate minus one)  is Linen Concerto.

 Without the linen.  Mine is being knit in cotton. The pattern I picked up in Florida while shopping at the LYS with Ruby.

She picked up the pattern and said to no one in particular
" Oh, this is really cute."   When she replaced it on the shelf, I took a turn looking at it.  I liked it.  And bought it.

Right now, the back is  finished up past the shaping and  to the armholes.

From this point, I hope to hang it on my machine and finish it off that way.  The front is started.  

The A Line shape is interestingly created.  There are decrease stitches at each side and also on either side of 6 centre stitches.  And for some reason that I cannot fathom at the moment, the deceases are being created - in my opinion -backwards.  On the right edge, is a K2tog, slanting right.  On the left edge, decreases slant to the left with an SSK.  I'm not sure of the reason for the  slant towards open space but decided maybe the designer has something special in mind.  I am following her instructions waiting for the 'something special' to make itself clear to me.

I'm hoping this will knit up quickly.  I'd like to finish my summer knitting before going to the trailer in early July.  I've got wool planned for the  north country.

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Anonymous said...

I love that top and just ordered it after seeing your photo of the Plymouth pattern.A great opportunity to test my patience for seaming knitted pieces.t_a